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Mike Elvin - One of the Best
Deck of Cards
card entertainer_edited_edited.jpg
Table Magician Maidstone

Amazing and Incredible 

Table Magic

Mix and Mingle 

Roaming Entertainer

An Exciting Range of Magic Tricks

Card Tricks.

Effects with Balls, Ropes, Money, Keys, Dice, Lottery Tickets and so much more.

A Warm and Pleasant Manor

The Ability to Create Laughter

Superb Interactive Entertainment.

Table Entertainer

When Guests are seated Mike can roam around the room and visit small groups performing unbelievable effects right before their eyes.

Large Functions

Spending Time with your Guests moving from Group to Group.

For 1, 2 or even 3 hours depending on how many are attending and whatever else is going on.


Small After Dinner Party's.

Entertaining at one end of a table or room for an hour to a small group of typically 10 to 25 guests. It can even be in your home. 

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