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Eastbourne Table Magician Mike Elvin
Close up Magic and Mixing and Mingling with your Friends.
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Mike is one of the best entertainers around and loves meeting and performing Close up magic. 

This is Wonderful entertainment and ideally suited to so many types of Events. So when you are looking for a magician to hire then Mike is a good choice.

Large and Small Functions

Large and Medium sized Events

From table to table or group to group for one, two or three hours 

Small Dinner Party

For say 10 to 20 guests. Performing for one hour at the end of a table or room.

Party Fun

Mike can roam around the room mingling with your friends and performing Incredible tricks. Laughter and Lively chatter. 

Wedding Magician Eastbourne

Close up magic when your family and friends first arive in a meet and greet performance.

A performance between the courses during the meal.

Mingling with your family and friends after the meal and before the band or disco really kicks in.

At a Wedding Mike can also perform a Comedy Magic Cabaret which really goes down well and can help to make your day even more unique.

Corporate Events

Christmas Party Entertainment

Normally lively and fun when Mike roams around the room.

The Firms annual get together can be enhanced with this superb entertainer. 

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Mike tailors the entertainment to whomever he is performing too,

He is Flexible and Adapts to situations as they develop.

He has a wide range of effects that he can literary pull out of his pockets and they could include Tricks with cards, money, keys, ropes and dice to name but a few.

Close up Magician Eastbourne

This is suitable for so many types of functions including Black Tie Events, Anniversaries, Party's and Christmas Functions.

Mike can even perform a Comedy Magic Cabaret.

"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your entertainment and we would be happy to have you again."


"We will definitely have it again and once I get the date for next year I will drop you a email."

Verbal Quotes

"Can you make my wife disappear"

"Mate! Its Far Out and I just loved it. Show me another one."

"I was watching the whole time and I am pretty good at working things out but I have no idea how you did that one with the ropes. Can I have your card with your details."

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Mike Elvin Eastbourne Table Magician for hire and Mix and Mingle Entertainer. Weddings, Party Entertainment and Corporate Functions. Tricks with Cards, Balls, Ropes and Money etc. Christmas Parties in Seaford, Pevensey Bay, Normans Bay, Bexhill, Hastings and Polegate. Close up Magic Hailsham 

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